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Congratulations to our competition winner!

The lucky winner of our M2 Magazine "Win a mu-so competition" is...

Uniti now has Bluetooth and Spotify Connect

Naim's award-winning Uniti range of all-in-one players will now...

Naim Events in New Zealand

Coming in 2015: Naim Statement Roadshow!

Statement will feature...

Naim sponsors New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Naim's New Zealand Distributor Chris Murphy and his N. A....

Mu-so wireless music system

NEW mu-so - Naim's first wireless music system. Now available at...


The lucky winner of our M2 Magazine "Win a mu-so competition" is Rachel Minn - enjoy bringing your music to life with your new mu-so wireless music system Rachel!

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Coming in 2015: Naim Statement Roadshow!

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Statement will feature at selected Naim Specialist Stores in the first half of 2015. Accompanied by Naim's top streaming system and Ovator S-600 loudspeakers, this is an event not to be missed!

Watch this space for more details...




Naim's award-winning Uniti range of all-in-one players will now feature Bluetooth (aptX) and Spotify Connect.

Find out more about the range here.


Spotify Connect for existing customers

As part of Naim's commitment to support existing customers and continually improve your experience of Naim products, Naim will make Spotify Connect available as a free software download for existing Uniti and network player owners. More information on the timing and details of the software update will be made available in due course.



Naim's New Zealand Distributor Chris Murphy and his N. A. Distributors team are excited to support the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as a Concerto Partner in 2014/2015.

NZSO logo BLK Stacked webABOUT NZSO
The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is this country's national full size, fulltime professional orchestra. One of the world's oldest national symphony orchestras, they've been delighting audiences with memorable concerts and recordings since 1946.

The world-class New Zealand Symphony Orchestra delights thousands of music lovers each year with its concert performances, CDs and recordings of movie soundtracks. Formed in 1946, it is the country's only full size, full-time touring orchestra and enjoys a gold standard reputation for excellence both at home and overseas. Go to the NZSO website... 


new-naim-logo-black192x58Since the company’s foundation, Naim Audio has relentlessly pursued the same, single, outwardly simple aim: to recreate the performance a musician has recorded accurately and with all of the information wholly intact.  That means that not only must the musical notes be faithfully preserved but so must the emotion and passion that inspired the performance. Go to the Naim Audio website...

The N. A. Distributors team shares Naim's dedication to ensuring that a music-playing system faithfully reproduces the musician's emotion, passion and intent. We also actively pursue opportunities to attend live performances, and feel privileged that this world-class Symphony Orchestra performs regularly in our city.


NEW mu-so - Naim's first wireless music system. Now available at our Naim specialist stores.

Combining Naim’s expertise in streaming, amplification and loudspeaker technology, mu-so is the stage your music deserves, bringing you closer to the songs that inspire your life.

Through its advanced connectivity, mu-so will unleash your digital music, wherever it’s stored. And it’s so easy to set up and use that you’ll find yourself listening to and enjoying your favourite artists more than ever before.

Features: AirPlay, UPnP™ , Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Streaming Services, USB, Digital Input (Optical), 3.5mm Analogue Input, Multiroom capability, six Naim Speaker Drivers, 450W of Amplification, Muso custom-designed Naim Control App.

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Statement is Naim's new flagship amplification system, crafted without compromise for pure musical performance.

Naim Statement is the pinnacle of Naim engineering knowledge and artistry. Over the course of three years a team of electronic and mechanical engineers from across Naim have considered, defined and refined the design with the singular aim of producing the best possible musical experience.

The series comprises the NAC S1 preamplifier and the NAP S1 mono power amplifiers. Available from late 2014.

Statement was named one of What Hi-Fi's 10 Stars of CES 2014

Meet Statement's Engineers in this You Tube video:

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Naim offers a defined upgrade path, therefore there is often a supply of pre-loved Naim equipment in excellent condition.

Click here to go to the Second Hand Naim section of our website for a current list of available items.

Please note: The Naim Audio warranty applies only to second-hand equipment with a valid warranty purchased from an authorised Naim Audio Dealer in Australia or New Zealand. Charges apply for repairs and upgrades to equipment purchased elsewhere.


The world of high-end hi-fi is becoming increasingly connected. CDs and vinyl are being replaced with digital music formats, and hard drives and streaming devices now help us find, storeand enjoy massive ibraries of music.

Naim's range of digital systems and separates is specifically designed to bring out the best from your media, so you can now enjoy true high-fidelity sound coupled with the convenience of digital music. We call this:

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Experience The Future Of Hi-Fi at your local Naim specialist retail store

Join us for spectacular music-listening experiences, and
to discover how music streaming is easy and a great way
to enjoy your music in true high-fidelity.

We're bringing Naim's top streaming system and new Statement amplifier system to selected Naim Specialist Stores in early 2015!

Please check back soon for more details.



Read more about The Future Of Hi-Fi :

Why is music streaming the way forward for hi-fi?

We all know that computing and networking now play a major role in many of our home music system set-ups. However, when it comes to playing music back in an impressive and enjoyable way that recreates the passion and excitement of the original recording, most computer sound cards and speakers fall way short of even the minimum levels of true hi-fi audio quality.

Naim's portfolio includes a range of streaming music players that can be connected to hi-fi components over the home network either via hardwire Ethernet or wirelessly, giving extreme convenience and ease of use. To complete the set-up, Naim's n-Stream and n-Serve apps allow you to browse your music and control your Naim devices using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Next-generation sound systems

Naim's state-of-the-art and award-winning streaming music players are on show at your local Naim specialist store demonstrating exactly how Naim is transforming the way music is played in the home.

Naim's range of network players includes the new reference NDS network player, which uses the latest in high-resolution network audio technology and the NDX network player, Naim's first ever stand-alone streaming source. The entry-level ND5 XS completes the rage. All three deliver genuine audiophile performance whether streaming music stored around the home, playing audio files stored on iPod, iPhone or USB memory sticks, or any of the 15,000 + available internet radio stations. The HDX is the ultimate digital all-rounder which can rip, store, catalogue and play your music in superb quality. The unit is controlled via the front-panel touchscreen display, remote control, PC or Mac interfaces or the n-Serve app.

For the total convenience of streaming music throughout the home, Naim's range of all-in-ones delivers on all counts. Whether it's the reference SuperUniti all-in-one player, UnitiServe which, like the HDX allows you to rip, store and share your music collection; NaimUniti2 or compact UnitiQute2 all-in-one streaming music players which can be placed around the home to form a high-end multi-room system, Naim has the solution to all music requirements.